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How to Make a Grilled Cheese without Butter

Article By: Suraiya Fardous - November 9, 2023

Grilled cheese is incredibly popular in every household. One of the quickest and tastiest foods you can cook in a few minutes is grilled cheese. The gooey, messy cheese dripping from the toasted bread is a treat for both the taste buds and for the eyes. However, without the crispy and buttery toasted bread, the sandwich is incredibly soggy.

So, a common question in case you run out of butter is how to make a grilled cheese without butter. Nobody wants to eat a soggy grilled cheese sandwich, so it is absolutely crucial to ensure that the bread is toasted perfectly. However, if you don’t have any butter at hand, it can be a bit difficult.

So, to help you out in situations like these, this article will give you a ton of substitutes that you can use to make your grilled cheese sandwich taste perfect without butter. Keep on reading to find out!

Substitutes for butter that goes with a grilled cheese

If you are craving a delicious grilled cheese sandwich but sadly don’t have any butter to enhance the taste of your sandwich, then don’t worry about it, as there are many substitutes that you can use. These substitutes will make your sandwich taste amazing and will save you a trip to the grocery store. The best part is you can find these right in your kitchen. So, here is a list of substitutes for butter in case you are wondering how to make a grilled cheese without butter:

Olive Oil

Olive oil

One of the best butter substitutes is olive oil, especially if you are trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich. But you cannot just spread it quite easily as butter. You need to heat up the olive oil over medium heat in a pan until it starts to sizzle.

Then, carefully place the grilled cheese on top of the oil and wait for it to toast. Once the bread of the grilled cheese has a crusty golden tone to it, pick it off of the saucepan, and your sandwich is done. Also, olive oil is a lot healthier than butter, so using olive oil is a good idea.




Mayonnaise on grilled cheese instead of butter is actually a pretty good idea. The mayonnaise adds a light flavor to the grilled cheese and ensures that it doesn’t get soggy. Just lightly spread some mayonnaise on each side of the sandwich and put it on a pan on medium to low heat.

As the cheese inside the sandwich melts, the mayonnaise on the outer layer of the grilled cheese forms a beautiful golden crust, and the bread will be toasted as well. This is enhancing the taste of the grilled cheese sandwich a lot.

Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar salad dressings are incredibly creamy. The dressing usually has a ton of oil in it, which makes it creamy. The creaminess works amazingly when it comes to using the Caesar salad dressing as a substitute for butter while making grilled cheese.

The Caesar salad dressing also makes the grilled cheese taste different, as it adds a ton of flavor. It enhances the taste a lot and makes the bread of the grilled cheesy incredibly crispy.



Ghee is a must-have in Asian households. Ghee is basically clarified butter. A lot of people use ghee instead of butter in their daily lives as it is healthy and has a mouthwatering perfume.

Using ghee instead of butter while making grilled cheese will ensure crispiness and provide a very crunchy taste while eliminating the sogginess, and it won’t burn as fast, either.

Coconut Oil

If you are someone who is incredibly health conscious, then coconut oil is a great option for you. When making grilled cheese, if you use coconut oil, then you won’t have to worry about an additional flavor as it doesn’t have one. However, coconut oil does have a nutty perfume to it.

Coconut oil crisps up bread fantastically in no time. It does come in a solid form, so you will need to heat it up a bit. You can use the microwave to heat it up, or you can just drop a dollop of it in the frying pan and crank the heat up a bit.


Aioli is one of the best yet unknown substitutes for butter when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches. A lot of the time, people tend to confuse aioli with mayo. Mayonnaise and aioli are two different things entirely.

Aioli is usually prepared by emulsifying garlic and oil, and mayonnaise is made by emulsifying egg yolks and a neutral oil. You can use garlic aioli instead of butter on grilled cheese to give the sandwich a mouthwatering garlicky flavor. It almost makes the grilled cheese taste like garlic bread grilled cheese.

Cream cheese

Cream cheese is a wonderful substitute for butter when it comes to making grilled cheese. Not only does it crisp the bread up, but it also adds a touch of flavor to the grilled cheese sandwich. You can simply spread it like butter on both sides of the grilled cheese sandwich and then place it on the frying pan to crisp up.

Greek Yogurt

When used as a grilled cheese spread, Greek yogurt is a lot like mayonnaise if you are looking for a healthier grilled cheese option. All you have to do is mix a little bit of Greek yogurt with lemon juice, salt, and pepper to make a spread with a velvety consistency and a zesty kick. Then just Spread the Greek yogurt mixture on the outside of each slice of bread, then top with cheese and put it on the grill.

Is grilled cheese good without butter?

Grilled cheese can taste pretty good without butter if you end up using the right kind of butter substitute. However, if you use the wrong type of butter substitute, you can end up ruining the texture and the taste of the sandwich.

So, you have to be incredibly careful while making a choice when it comes to the butter substitute. A safe option would be to use substitutes that actually complement the grilled cheese, and you are familiar with the flavor profile.

What are the top 3 cheeses for grilled cheese?

Answer: picking the right cheese for your grilled cheese sandwich is absolutely crucial. If you pick the wrong kind of cheese, it can end up making your sandwich taste incredibly foul. So, you have to be incredibly careful and picky when it comes to picking a cheese for your grilled cheese.

The top 3 cheeses for a perfect gooey grilled cheese sandwich are:

  • American cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Brie

All three of these cheeses taste amazing when they are melted, and if the bread is toasted, it tastes even better.


It has become very common for people to want to know how to make a grilled cheese without butter. This article explains it in vivid detail, along with a ton of extra information.

Making a perfect grilled cheese without butter can be a struggle. However, with the right tips and tricks, it can be a piece of cake. Using the right substitutes can make the grilled cheese taste divine. This article mentions all the substitutes that pair well with grilled cheese.

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