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How to Freeze Dry Candy at Home

Article By: admin - December 14, 2023
How to Freeze Dry Candy at Home


A fascinating blend of culinary knack and scientific accuracy awaits those who go on board the path of freeze-drying confectionery at home. In this detailed guide, we’ll go over how to freeze dry candy at home. Here comes the flavorful adventure as we delve into the secrets to achieving the perfect crispness in your favorite treats.

How to Freeze Dry Candy at Home – 2 Ways

Exploring the world of freeze-dried candies offers numerous options, with diverse methods satisfying a range of tastes. This comprehensive guide offers a thorough step-by-step procedure of every option, whether using dry ice, a regular freezer, an advanced freeze drier, or even experimenting with unconventional tools like air fryers and dehydrators. Let’s dive into two of the most common methods – using dry ice and using a freezer.

How to Freeze Dry Candy at Home with Dry Ice

Using dry ice to preserve the taste of your candies and prolong their shelf life is a unique and effective way. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Preparation

Choose your favorite candies and make sure they are fresh and contain no moisture. You need to put the candies in a freezer-proof bag and seal it. As for the type of candies, sugar-based candies are the best option.

Step 2: Arrangement

Place the sealed candies inside a mini cooler. But before that, place dry ice inside the cooler. The ratio of the dry ice and candy should be 1:1. After you have put the dry ice, place the sealed bags of candy inside the mini cooler. Next, put the cooler inside your freezer.

Note: You shouldn’t close the lid of the cooler. You see, solid, dry ice turns into gas very quickly in cold temperatures. In an airtight condition, this might cause an explosion.

Step 3: Waiting Time

Now, you need to wait for all the dry ice to dissipate or wait nearly 48 hours for all the candies to freeze. Once your candies are freeze-dried, store them at room temperature indefinitely.

Here’s how to Freeze Dry Candy Using the Freezer

Using a freezer to freeze candy offers an easier yet effective alternative. Here is the detail of that process:

  • Choose Your Candy: Choose candies that freeze well and easily.
  • Strategic Spreading: Place the candies on a tray and ensure enough space between them so that they do not stick together.
  • Freeze Thoroughly: Put the tray in the freezer. The freezing duration may vary depending on the candy type and the temperature of your freezer. Ideally, it should be for 2-3 weeks.
  • Storage: After freezing, transfer the frozen candies to a tightly sealed container.

What is Freeze Drying?

Conventionally, freeze-drying is a method of food preservation designed to remove moisture from food products. This procedure preserves the food’s original flavor and texture while preventing bacterial growth. The method that separates freeze-drying from other drying processes is the freezing of the food and the subsequent sublimation of the ice. As opposed to dehydration, freeze-drying guarantees that the candy maintains its distinct flavor and structure, providing a delicious treat that stands the test of time.

How to Freeze Dry Candy with a Freeze Dryer Machine

For mass-producing freeze-dried candies, chocolates, or other sweets, the freeze-dryer machine is a powerful industrial tool, even though it’s not a process that should be used at home.

Here is how one can use a freeze dryer machine:

Step 1: Preparation

First, place the candies on a baking sheet or trays of the freeze dryer machine. Make sure they are spread evenly between them. You shouldn’t stuff as many candies in a single tray. If you do this, then the candies won’t be dry evenly. Also, candies expand when freeze-dried. So, they need space.

Step 2: Put the candies in the freeze-dryer

Place the trays into the freeze dryer machine and start the process. Set the freezing temperature of the machine to zero and the drying temperature to 135°F. Over time, the machine will remove moisture, leaving behind flawlessly freeze-dried candies. The candy that has been freeze-dried ought to be dry rather than sticky. Do not hesitate to run your candy through your freeze dryer one more time if it still feels moist or sticky. You want to extract as much moisture as possible from the candy, so don’t worry about over drying it.

Step 3: Storage

Once the freeze-drying process finishes, transfer the candies to airtight containers to preserve their quality over an extended period of time.

Can You Freeze Dry Candy in a Dehydrator?

While dehydrators are great for extracting moisture from fruits and vegetables, they fall short when it comes to freeze-drying candies. They do not seem to be the efficient solution for freeze-drying candies. The dehydrator is not equipped with low-temperature and extended-duration characteristics important for preserving the unique properties of freeze-dried candies. In essence, the special flavor and texture that make freeze-dried sweets such a delightful delicacy are compromised when freeze-drying candy in a dehydrator.

Can You Freeze Dry Candy in an Air Fryer?

Air fryers, designed for fast and hot air circulation, are not suitable and effective for freeze-drying candies. The high temperatures generated by air fryers can compromise the exquisite textures and flavors of candies, resulting in an outcome that is not what you expect. In order to ensure perfect results, it is crucial to choose techniques that prioritize low temperatures and extended durations.


To sum up, the art of freeze-drying candy at home unveils a world of delicious possibilities. Whether using dry ice, a freezer, or a freeze dryer machine, each approach has its unique desirability and advantages. Enjoy creating your freeze-dried candies and taking your candy making experience to new heights as you try around with different techniques. With this guide on how to freeze cry candy at home, unleash your creativity in the kitchen. So, hurry up and impress everyone with your favorite dried candies that you made yourself!

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