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How to Cook Frozen Asparagus – Multiple Cooking Ideas

Article By: Suraiya Fardous - November 6, 2023 , Last updated on : November 13, 2023
How to Cook Frozen Asparagus

Frozen asparagus is a cost-effective, year-round, nutritious vegetable. It’s flash-frozen after harvest, preserving nutrients and flavor. It can be cooked using methods like roasting, steaming, sautéing, or air frying and can be added to soups, stews, and stir-fries. The tips and methods of how to cook frozen asparagus will enable you to make your frozen asparagus quickly and deliciously.

Freezing asparagus is a convenient way to save extras for later use. It can be cooked without defrosting, making it a tasty and versatile vegetable. Frozen asparagus doesn’t require low heat or long cooking times but requires the opposite. Frozen asparagus lasts longer than fresh ones and is just as nutritious as fresh ones.

Frozen Asparagus vs Fresh Asparagus: Which is the best?

Frozen asparagus is a convenient and affordable option, while fresh asparagus offers the best flavor and texture. The choice depends on individuals’ needs, season, desired flavor, and recipe context.

Frozen vegetables are better than fresh ones due to quick freezing, longer storage life, and easy availability of out-of-season options. Frozen asparagus offers convenience and nutrient retention due to its pre-cut and pre-blanched nature, making it cost-effective. It is easy to use directly from the freezer.

Fresh asparagus, a versatile, high-vitamin, and mineral-rich vegetable, is available during spring. It has a crisp, delicate feel. It is more costly and has a shorter shelf life compared to frozen asparagus. In a salad-like recipe, fresh asparagus is preferred.

What is the best way to cook frozen asparagus?

The ideal method for cooking frozen asparagus primarily relies on your preferences and what resources you have on hand. There are several ways to cook frozen asparagus, such as oven roasting, air frying, etc. You can get a good idea of the processes from the below description. This will help cook frozen asparagus containing its nutrients and taste.

How to cook frozen asparagus in the oven

Cooking frozen asparagus in the oven is a simple method that delivers a tasty asparagus dish with minimal effort.

Follow the below steps to cook it in the oven.

How to cook frozen asparagus in the oven


  • 450-gram (one pound) of frozen asparagus spears
  • Two tablespoons Olive oil
  • Pepper and salt, if needed
  • Additional Seasonings: lemon zest, grated Parmesan cheese, chopped garlic, or your favorite herbs and spices.


  • First, set the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit to preheat. While the oven is heating up, put the pan inside.
  • Then, once the oven is ready, add olive oil to the pan and bake for two minutes. (If using parchment, try to place the olive oil on the baking sheet in a small oven-safe dish.)
  • After that, add the frozen asparagus to the heated pan and oil and toss it.
  • Then, season the asparagus with salt, pepper, and seasonings and toss to coat well.
  • Finally, bake for 15-20 minutes or until tender and crispy.

How to cook frozen asparagus on the stove

One easy and quick technique to prepare the frozen asparagus is to cook it on the stove. Follow the below steps to make frozen asparagus deliciously on the stove:

How to cook frozen asparagus on the stove


  • 450-gram (one pound) of frozen asparagus spears
  • Two tablespoons Olive oil
  • Pepper and salt, if needed
  • Additional Seasonings: lemon zest, grated Parmesan cheese, chopped garlic, or your favorite herbs and spices.[


  • First, add butter or olive oil to the pan on the stove.
  • Then, place frozen chunks in the pan in a single layer.
  • After that, for approximately 4 minutes, cook with a lid on medium heat.
  • Then, open the lid, flip it over, and then season.
  • Finally, cover the lid again and simmer for a further 5-8 minutes or until they are nicely tender.

How to cook frozen asparagus in an air fryer

Frozen asparagus may be quickly and easily cooked in an air fryer to provide a tasty side dish that is crispy. Following the below steps, frozen asparagus can be made deliciously.

How to cook frozen asparagus in an air fryer


  • One pound of frozen asparagus spears
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper as needed
  • Additional Seasonings: lemon zest, grated Parmesan cheese, chopped garlic, or your favorite herbs and spices.


  • First, to pre-heat, set your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.
  • Then, set the air fryer basket with a single layer of frozen asparagus spears. Gently coat with olive oil by tossing.
  • After that, season with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings of choice.
  • Then, air fry for 15 to 20 minutes or until tender as required.
  • After a few minutes, carefully examine the asparagus and discard it.
  • Adjust the frying time for asparagus, as each air fryer cooks differently. So, it may require adjustments based on your preferred crispness.

How to thaw frozen asparagus

Though thawing frozen asparagus can make it lose its crispness, several methods can be applied to thaw frozen asparagus. These are refrigerator thawing, cold water thawing, microwave thawing, etc.

Refrigerator Thawing

Frozen asparagus should be kept in its original container or plastic bag, chilled. Refrigerate it and allow it to thaw for a few hours or overnight, depending on its thickness.

Cold Water Thawing

Seal frozen asparagus in a plastic bag, fill with cold water, submerge in water, change water every 30 minutes, and freeze for 1-2 hours, depending on size and thickness.

Microwave Thawing

To thaw frozen asparagus using a microwave defrost setting, place it on a microwave-safe plate. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which typically take 2-3 minutes for a pound.

Disclaimer: Thawing or defrosting frozen asparagus is not recommended. It is better to cook directly from the freezer.

Frozen Asparagus cooking tips

The frozen asparagus is a quick and nutritious side dish for any meal. It has a decent amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Here are some tips to follow to make frozen asparagus efficiently delicious.

  • It is highly preferred not to thaw asparagus before cooking. It can be directly cooked from the freezer.
  • To coat the frozen asparagus spears thoroughly, toss them with the oil and seasonings.
  • If the frozen asparagus spears are clumped together, gently soak them in cold water to split them.
  • Place leftover raw asparagus on a baking sheet. Freeze it for 1-2 hours, then move it to an airtight container.
  • There are several ways to get crispy asparagus from frozen asparagus. Some of the suggested ways are air frying, skillet cooking, oven roasting, etc.
  • Liquid will occur in the air fryer basket’s bottom during air frying. Instead of directly putting the asparagus onto a platter, remove it using tongs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to make frozen asparagus crispy?

You can make frozen asparagus crispy by roasting it in the oven or in an air fryer. We’ve already covered the entire steps on how to cook frozen asparagus in the oven and the air fryer above. You’ll find the ingredients used in the process and the detailed cooking process.

How do you keep asparagus from getting soggy when frozen?

An asparagus spear contains 93% water. This water turns into big ice crystals when it freezes. It pierces the vegetable’s cell walls, giving it structure and giving it a soggy, watery texture. To keep asparagus from getting soggy when frozen, several ways can be followed. A few of them are below.

  • Blanch asparagus before freezing by boiling them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then letting them cool completely in ice water.
  • Freeze asparagus in one layer to prevent sticking and ice crystal formation.
  • Frozen asparagus should be transferred to a freezer-safe bag or container, sealed, and labeled with the date.
  • Frozen asparagus should be stored at low temperatures.
  • Packaging should be done portion-wise.

Do you wash frozen asparagus?

It is not necessary to wash frozen asparagus. Frozen asparagus is supposed to be washed before it is frozen. So, it is highly preferred to cook frozen asparagus directly from the freezer without washing. In fact, washing frozen asparagus can leave it soggy and ruin its taste.

In exception, check if there are any ice crystals, or freezer burn in the asparagus spears. If seen, the asparagus may need to be rinsed or brushed off any ice or frost before cooking. It’s a good idea to read any special directions or advice that the manufacturer may have given regarding washing.

What happens if you don’t wash your asparagus?

In asparagus, there might be grit, sand, harmful microorganisms like Salmonella and E. Coli, and sometimes pesticide residue. Washing asparagus helps prevent these while preserving its taste and reducing the risk to health. Follow the below instructions to wash asparagus-

  • Thoroughly wash the asparagus just before cooking. Asparagus might go squashy if it is washed ahead of time.
  • Rinse asparagus under cool running water.
  • Tips of asparagus can harbor fine grit and sand. Keep it in mind while washing.
  • Asparagus can be soaked for a few minutes in a bowl of cold water.
  • Before cooking, dry the asparagus properly with a paper towel.

Can frozen asparagus be grilled?

Frozen asparagus can be grilled. Following the given steps below, you can achieve grilled asparagus from frozen asparagus.

  • To preheat, turn your grill’s temperature up to medium-high.
  • Set the frozen asparagus stalks with a little bit of olive oil or melted butter.
  • Alternatively, you may defrost the frozen asparagus beforehand and then toss it with butter or oil.
  • Toss with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Set the asparagus spears in a single layer on the grill and cook for two to three minutes on both sides or until they are tender and slightly golden brown.

Any meal would be enriched by the taste and nutritional value of grilled asparagus as a side. Minerals, vitamins, and fiber are all present in sufficient amounts.

Do you cut the ends off asparagus before cooking?

All parts of asparagus spears can be eaten except the woody bottom towards the bottom. But cutting the ends off asparagus before cooking isn’t always necessary. The need to cut off the ends may vary on the basis of the thickness of the asparagus spears.

If the spears of asparagus are extremely thick, the woody ends should get cut off before cooking. Just twist or bend the woody end of the asparagus spear until it splits naturally. The fragile part of the spear will remain when the woody end splits off. The ends of thin asparagus spears don’t require to get cut off before cooking. The whole spears may get cooked easily.


One great way to enjoy asparagus at its best all year round is to use frozen asparagus. When asparagus is blanched before freezing, its bright color and crisp texture are guaranteed. Asparagus should be flash-frozen to avoid clumping.

The comprehensive instruction on how to cook frozen asparagus ensures that the vegetable retains its taste and nutritional content when cooking it in various ways, such as roasting, sautéing, and air-frying. This guide also provides important tips for cooking frozen asparagus.

Frozen asparagus is inexpensive and can be stored for a long time. It can be cooked directly from the freezer. Also, additional seasonings can enhance the flavor of frozen asparagus. And they are as healthy as fresh asparagus, and there are quite a few different ways to cook them. Overall, it is a healthy side dish to any meal.

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