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Centerset vs Widespread Faucet | Comparison and Pros & Cons

Article By: Suraiya Fardous - November 20, 2023
Centerset vs Widespread Faucet Comparison and Pros & Cons

If two popular types of faucets were to be named, centerset and widespread faucets would stay at the top of the list. Both have two handles. But in one, the handles are connected to each other, while in the other, they are not. I understand if you are confused about which faucet to choose amidst the Centerset vs Widespread faucet battle.

But worry not, as in this article, I will try to give you an in-depth idea about each of these faucets and their best features. Hopefully, after reading about them below, you will get a comprehensive idea about which one will fit your sink the best. Therefore, let’s dive right in!

What is a Centerset faucet?

A centerset faucet is perhaps the most traditional and oldest kind of faucet we see these days. It comes in various colors, shapes, designs, and price points. Customers have been loving them for decades.

The basic design of a centerset faucet is that it comes as a single unit with a spout in the middle and two handles attached to the fixture or a bar that connects to the tap. To install a centerset faucet, one hole in the sink is fine.

Centersets are primarily used in bathroom sinks as they are more suitable for compact or small-size sinks. They come in beautiful designs, and customers love customizing the colors and layout of these faucets to create an aesthetic interior in their bathrooms.

Price points of centerset are moderate, and you can find them in various price ranges. If you like classic items, you will love owning a centerset faucet. That’s why, in the centerset vs. widespread faucet, the centerset faucet is a frequent winner.

Centerset faucet

Pros of centerset faucets

  • Easy to install: Most sinks are equipped for installing a centerset faucet as they only require a single hole. You can even install them by yourself at home. The setup is easy to understand as you just have to join the parts. It can be done in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Perfect for small to medium size sinks: If you have a small or moderate size sink, a centerset would be ideal as they have a size that is not too big. They fit perfectly in regular sinks and make your sinks look big in size.
  • Aesthetic design options: You can find centerset pieces in all kinds of designs, from vintage to rustic. They will enhance the look of your bathrooms and give them a clean outlook.
  • Simple design: These faucets’ simple and classic design makes them a fan favorite.

Cons of centerset faucets

  • Hard to clean: Since all parts are connected in a centerset faucet, it is a bit hard to reach its hooks and corners and clean.
  • Has a traditional image: The strength of a centerset faucet is also its weakness. Many think these faucets are vintages and very backdated, so they do not opt for them.

What is a Widespread faucet?

A widespread faucet would definitely be mentioned if there was a conversation about modern and versatile faucets. These faucets are the current trending faucets and are growing to become more and more popular by the day.

The spout and the handles are three different parts, and they come separately. You may use one handle for cold water and the other for hot. In order to install these faucets, three holes are needed for the different parts. The spacing between the parts is adjustable. Standard spacings are between 6 to 8 inches, even though it is totally customizable.

Moreover, the widespread faucets come in various designs and colors. All top brands have amazing collections when it comes to widespread faucets. They are perfect for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. The larger the sink, the better it is to get a widespread faucet.

Widespread faucet

Pros of a Widespread faucet

  • Easy to clean: Since no parts are connected here, it is very easy to clean a widespread faucet. You can always wipe it and reach all its corners.
  • Modern and aesthetic: If you keep up with trends, you should get the widespread faucet. Its intricate designs give it a lavish feel. There are so many design options available as well.
  • Customizable: Perhaps the biggest benefit of a widespread faucet is that it doesn’t restrict you when it comes to spacing. You can set the faucet with any type of alignment and spacing you like, and it should give the whole setup an attractive outlook.

Cons of a Widespread Faucet

  • Not easy to install: It’s not very easy to install these faucets. You may need to drill extra holes if your sink doesn’t have three. Customized spacing will also require extra drilling.
  • Occupies space: If you have a small sink, these faucets are not for you as they occupy a bit of space compared to centerset faucets.

Centerset vs Widespread faucet

Centerset vs Widespread faucet

In the widespread vs centerset faucets debate, it could be said that the widespread ones somewhat inspired the centerset models. You could call them a modern rendition of centerset faucets. Why so?

Because, like centerset faucets, widespread spouts have one central spout and two handles. However, the main difference is that the handles are not connected to the spout. In fact, widespread faucet spacing between the spout and the handles is adjustable, which was impossible in centerset faucets.

This makes widespread faucets a great purchase because you can easily use them in corner faucets or sinks with unique alignments. Customers also get the liberty to position the faucet as they’d like, which was not possible in the centerset ones.

But centerset faucets are best if you have a smaller sink and are looking for something with a traditional design.

In the whole debate, it truly depends on what your needs are.

Can you use a widespread faucet on a centerset sink?

On a centerset sink, it will be hard to use a widespread faucet if the sink is too small. Widespread faucets generally take up a lot of space and are more suitable for large-size sinks. Centersets, on the other hand, are perfect for small sinks as they are pretty small.

Moreover, the hose connections under the sink may also become complicated to connect in a centerset sink since the configuration is a bit different.

However, if you really want to fit a widespread faucet in a centerset sink, try a mini widespread faucet. Those are more likely to work. But keep in mind that you will need to drill additional holes.


What does a 4-inch centerset mean?

4 inches is the distance between the two mounting holes on two sides of a centerset. From this measurement, you can easily assume the size of the centerset. In some faucets, these measurements are a bit larger.

Which faucet type is best?

Which faucet best suits you depends on your taste and sink type. Whichever type of faucet goes with your interior, you should go with that. But always keep in mind that center sets are best for smaller-sized sinks, while widespread are best for large sinks.

Final Words

Centerset and widespread faucets are both amazing choices if you are looking for something sleek and classy for your sink. Both fit different types of interiors and as faucets, both have great functions.

The Centerset vs Widespread faucet has been going on for a long time now. So, in this article, I tried to give you a comparison of both. You now have a good idea of which one fits what best. Hence, make sure to choose accordingly!